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Tree I.V. Portable Root Feeders


Simple & Versatile

  • Install and fill in seconds on all trees and shrubs

  • Right-sized for soaking a root-well of a small tree

  • Move to the drip zone for a larger tree!

  • Water dozens of trees at once - No waiting!

Extremely Durable

  • Injection molded of high density polyethylene

  • Reservoir is anchored and will not blow away

  • Not damaged by mowers and trimmers

Tree I.V. Gives You Options

Tree I.V. for Special Situations


Tree I.V. is Made in USA!



Tree I.V. Portable Root Feeder Watering System

Tree I.V. Portable Root Feeder Watering System






Tree Root Development - We Take this Serious


Watering Frequency and Root Spread: Experts agree on a soaking frequency of about once a week, allowing for a drying time in between. The drying time is very important, as this is when the root system is growing outward in search of new moisture. Many misbelieve that a constant source of water is best, but in the natural world, some stress is necessary. Without drying time a tree will never develop a sustainable root system and become even more dependent on supplemental watering. Stability also becomes a problem as the tree outgrows the root system.


Watering Hand-Planted Trees: Most small trees have a root-well of about 5 cubic feet or less. This is the area that needs to be watered during the first few seasons. During the dry cycle the roots will be growing outward, eventually exceeding the root-well.


Watering Spayed-in Trees: Spayed-in trees will have some air gaps between the native soil and the root ball. This is the area where watering must be concentrated. Watering the "cut line" for two seasons will help soil settle better, but it is also exactly where the roots should be encouraged to grow. Trunk watering (bags) is not advisable.


Watering Semi-Established Trees: Once the tree has had a few seasons to outgrow the root-well, any additional watering should be moved to locations around the drip line. As you can imagine, this is encouraging the roots to continue growing outward, becoming stronger and more drought tolerant each week. At some point supplemental watering should stop unless under extreme heat and drought.


Proper Watering Depth: The bulk of tree roots naturally grow in the top 18 inches of soil. It's advisable to discourage this growth in the top few inches for less competition with the lawn and fewer surface roots as the tree matures. Surface watering and heavy mulching are not advised, as roots will grow into the mulch.

Soaking Root-Well

Encouraging Outward Growth

Small Root Systems can be a Problem

Play by Play Action
Tree I.V. Watering - Driving the injector

Install Injector

Tree I.V. Watering - Removing the Cap

Remove Cap

Tree I.V. Watering - Setting the Reservoir

Set Reservoir

Tree I.V. Watering - Filling with water


Remove Reservoir

Replace Cap


Natural Percolation Rates

  • Sandy soil: 5 minutes

  • Loamy soil: 10 minutes

  • Clay content: 60 minutes

  • Heavy clay: Unpredictable

Note: Heavy clay or extremely tight soils on mature trees may require plunging the injector with a 5/8 dowel rod to get flow started (one time only).

Easily Add Liquid Supplements While Watering


How Many Injectors Do You Need?

New hand-planted trees: One injector for each tree.

Drip-zone watering trees: Three injectors for each tree.


How Many Reservoirs Do You Need?

Save Money: With just a few Reservoirs you can move them to other locations as they empty. One option is to plan on watering a few trees each evening.

Finish Now: Get a Reservoir for every Injector. With this option you can quickly fill each one and be done for the week.


Got remotely located trees? Consider the Fill-n-Haul option

Already got buckets? Consider the Build Your Own Kits

Got poor soil? We have Liquid Soil Amendments




Got Buckets??  Building Your Own Reservoir is Easy

Index Bucket

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Get Your Drill

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Install Grommet

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