New Trees Need Water Every 7-10 Days...  You Need a Fast & Easy Way to do it!

Regardless of species, all new trees need to be watered frequently until they establish themselves. Experts agree on a soaking frequency of about once a week. This gives the tree time to go through a normal soak-dry cycle.

Most young trees have a root-well of about 5 cubic feet. This is the area that needs to be soaked during the first few years, or until the drip line reaches beyond 6 feet.  Watering should then be moved to locations around the drip line. This is very important because tree roots seek-out the best source of water and develop there. If that location continues to be around the trunk, the sprawling root system is not encouraged to grow, and the tree isn't wind strong or drought tolerant.

Tree I.V. is a Self-Contained Root Feeder that's specifically designed for new tree development at businesses, churches, parks, etc. These are big jobs that need a durable and effective method that's easy enough to be used by anyone.


Tree I.V. is Simple & Versatile

  • Use on shrubs, small trees, and drip-line locations for larger trees

  • The wide open top is much easier to fill - Bags must be adjusted while filling

  • Water dozens of trees at once - No timing or waiting as with hose feeders


Tree I.V. Gives You Options


Tree I.V. for Special Situations


Tree I.V. is Made in USA!


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New Trees Can't Survive Alone

Look how much water is running off!
How much is soaking in?
How deep is it getting?
How long should I wait?
Watering one at a time takes too long!
There's got to be a better way!

Well...There is a better way!

Instructions - Weekly Tree Watering


How Many Do I Need?

It doesn't matter if you have 3 trees or 30 trees, you'll need one injector for each. Consider how fast you want to be done when choosing reservoir count.

- For maximum time savings, you'll need a reservoir for each tree. Regardless of soil type, your time will be limited only by the reservoir fill time. About 1 minute per tree.

- If you have the time but would like to save money, use just a few reservoirs and move them to other trees as they empty.

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How It Works
The root-well is the area disturbed when the tree was planted. For the first few years, this area will soak water better than the surrounding, more compact, soil.

Placement of the watering spike injector should be centralized, but anywhere within the root well should yield the same results.

Soaking the root well insures complete and accurate watering coverage. The undisturbed soil will wick water from the root well, eventually promoting the roots to expand beyond the root-well. Significant development may take up to three years, at which point weekly watering is no longer critical.

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10X Faster Than Hose Methods
A tree irrigating method that attaches to your garden hose limits you to watering one-at-a-time. They will require at least 10 minutes per tree which adds up to "not practical" if you have several trees. The Tree I.V. system uses portable 5-gallon Reservoirs that can be filled in less than one minute using the same garden hose. You can finish watering trees in 10% of the time required for hose-only methods. If you have 10 trees, you can save 90 minutes a week!

More Features than Drip Irrigation Bags
If 5-gallons of water is enough to completely soak the root well of a tree, why use more? If 5-gallons will percolate in 10 minutes, why wait 90 minutes? Tree watering bags must be located around the trunk. With Tree I.V. you can move them out to the drip-line to promote outward growth. Tree I.V. also features the "Fill-N-Haul", allowing you to haul water to remotely located trees. This is not possible with any tree watering bag products.

Percolation Rates

Different soil types have different percolation rates. Regardless of the type of soil you have, the perk rate is determined by nature and there is no practical way to exceed it. Gravitational head pressure is all that's required. Tree I.V. uses the natural gravitational force to keep the water flowing at the maximum rate. Now that we've established the limits, here are the drain times you should expect with a filled Tree I.V. Reservoir:

  • Sandy soil: 5 minutes

  • Loamy soil: 10 minutes

  • Clay content: 30 minutes

  • Heavy clay: 60 minutes or more

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Working Parts

The 10 inch long root feeder spike is the key to the tree watering system. Installed at any time, the injector quickly and easily mates to a reservoir with a snug, slip-on fit. Water migrates down the hollow shaft and exits through multiple outlet holes ranging from 4" to 9" below the surface. A 3" diameter shoulder serves as a depth stopper and also prohibits water from resurfacing along the body.


Each injector comes with a snap-on cap. The cap is used to keep the injector clean when not in use, and as a driving surface during installation. Molded from HDPE, both components are durable and UV resistant.

Key Benefits

- No run-off


- Pinpoint accuracy

- Deep-root soaking

- Maximum flow rate



A simple 5-gallon pail modified with a 1" hole to easily mate with the top of the injector. The hole is located near the side so the injector can be located closer to the center of the root well, and for easy installation and removal. A plug is available so you can fill the reservoir and move to remote locations. Installing the reservoir pops the plug away and tree watering begins instantly!

Key Benefits

- One-minute fill time

- Does the waiting for you

- Provides adequate quantity


- Easy to add water soluble nutrients.

- Easily portable and easily stackable

- Can be plugged, filled, and transported to remote trees


Mating Parts - The upper end of the injector is chamfered for easy alignment and makes a good insertion. The rubber grommet provides an adequate seal with an easy slip-on attachment.



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Tree I.V. Testimonials
I just wanted to thank you for saving me many hundreds of dollars. Our city (whose motto is "City of Trees") required us to plant two fairly large (25-gallon) swamp myrtles on a downtown sidewalk outside our commercial building. Despite sufficient watering, they were both dying. A local tree expert said the water just wasn't getting to the roots. Five Tree IVs did the trick. Within weeks, we were seeing new buds . . . and now, six months later, both trees are thriving. Replacing them would have cost us well over $1,000! We are truly grateful. 
John and Marina 
El Cerrito, California

I just want to tell you how absolutely WONDERFUL your product is.  What an ingenious idea!  I wish I had thought of it. We now have over 50 trees, and what a time saver this will be.  Many, many Thanks. 



Kathleen A.

St. Charles, IL

Just wanted to let you know that I have planted over 100 trees in the last year and I never would have been able to do all the watering if it hadn't been for Tree I.V. It takes a long time to water but it would have been impossible without this kind of help. All my trees are doing well too!

Thanks so much, Julie


"I received my Tree IV's this week and started watering all my trees immediately. Within 2 days, one of my Crape Myrtles added 4 inches of new growth! I am so excited about the effectiveness of your product. It is very difficult to keep my trees watered enough to stay alive (much less actually add new growth) in this 95+ degree weather. I'd recommend the Tree IV to anyone. It's efficient and so easy to use. Thanks for simplifying my life"

Erica B. Starkville, MS


"What a great product! We just landscaped and spent a "mini" fortune on trees. They were not getting the water they needed and were dying. I just got this today, watered all of our trees in less than 45 minutes! I hope now they will "spring" back."

Michelle M. Loveland, CO


"We had a very dry last winter so our reservoirs were very low and watering was restricted to hand held hose only or drip irrigation. Your product was a big help to get the water down to the root level of my young apple trees I had planted last year. Watering twice a week with a good mulch in place provided excellent tree growth and a good crop of apples. The neighbors were all impressed."

Sid J. Victoria, BC, Canada

"Wow, I can't ask for more than that. Thank you for your accommodation, and I hope that your business does well. I would like to one day have a business that I can do with my children, and if I do I'd like to treat people the way I would like to
be treated, which is the way Sayegrow has done. Please pass this along to the rest of your folks there. Thanks again and God bless"

Mark C. Harvest AL

"Received your system this last spring and have installed about half of the system on the new trees I purchased from the forestry department. There has
been a bad drought here this summer as there has been the last three years. The only trees that have survived were the ones where this system was installed, the
rest have perished to the dry heat and hot southern winds.

Brock D. Address Unknown
"Got it, usin' it, lovin' it! Thanks.

Steve W. Kansas City, MO

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If you are not 100% completely satisfied with this product just contact us to return it within 30 days from the original date of your purchase and we will issue a refund. We are that confident in the quality and the overall success you will achieve with this product. Guaranteed!



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Grounds Care Professionals
We recommend the Combo Pack 100/10 used this way:

  • Permanently locate one injector at each small tree you are servicing, or three injectors around the drip line of  each larger tree.

  • Keep the reservoirs on the truck, installing and filling at each job.

  • They will drain while you mow and trim, and will be ready for removal when you leave for the next job.

As you can see, the time required to effectively water a yard full of trees is just minutes. During dry times there may not be any other work to do at the job, but this is still the fastest method by a long shot.

This system is much tougher than bags, withstanding contact with string trimmers and lawn mowers. We have customers with 14-year-old systems still being used today. Feel free to call 620-778-1710 if you have questions.

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